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If you haven’t heard yet it is time you did, Amazon’s latest product is called Amazon KYC. It is a new product from Amazon that will allow the buyer to pay the seller for completed transactions. The concept of this product is really very simple, but many are not aware of this. In this article I am going to discuss how an Amazon KYC works and how you can use this tool to make more money.

So, what is an Amazon KYC? An Amazon KYC is a type of gateway used to facilitate complete authentication and settlement of all online purchases through Amazon. So basically it acts as a mediator between your buyers and sellers. What Amazon KYC does is it generates a code for each transaction, this code is then transmitted back to your customers through Amazon’s physical address, so that the money spent on the transaction is transparent and easily accounted for. So how does Amazon KYC work? Well, it’s pretty simple.

When you go to the Amazon portal, all transactions are processed by an Amazon pay agent. The Amazon pay agent is used by the buyer and seller to confirm the details of the purchase before completing the deal. Once the customer confirms the details, he has to provide a proof of ID such as a Drivers License or Passport and a copy of his photo ID. Once these two documents are verified, a customer is able to enter the payment mode, which shall be done using his debit or credit card. After entering the payment mode, the Amazon etc shall generate a code and transmit this to the Amazon pay agent who verifies the code and then performs the final step of verification.

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So as we can see, the Amazon KYC works as a middleman and helps both the buyer and seller to save on time and cost. So in the case where a buyer has to pay for something he needs to wait for the payment to be processed through the Amazon etc, but in the case where a seller wants his payments processed instantly, then he calls up the Amazon KYC to perform the final verification process where in the Amazon kid asks some questions relating to the payment details of the customer and if the answers match with the data entered in the website database, then the transaction is confirmed. These final verification steps are taken by the Amazon KYC only. In the case where the transaction is not approved, then the seller gets his money back and the buyer remains the victim of non-transactions that have not been processed through the Amazon KYC. In the case where a transaction is approved, then the Amazon KYC verifies the data supplied by the customer and the buyer’s information with the help of an integrated system which includes different types of check boxes, and forms. After the completion of these steps, the Amazon KYC sends back an email to the buyer with all the details of the transaction including the payment amount.

The most important part in the whole process is the doorstep verification. In the absence of this crucial step, the transaction might be rejected by the Amazon KYC as it considers that the transaction is not covered by the terms and conditions of the reseller. This is a very big problem where you cannot get your transaction approved, unless the agent or the reseller provides you a proof that the transaction was covered by the terms and conditions of reseller. This is the reason why you should call up the Amazon KYC directly and ask them about their terms and conditions for verification of orders. You might be lucky enough where an agent will tell you the exact procedure that is to be followed in order to complete the verification and finally get your order covered. But in most cases, the process is so complex that you can hardly understand the entire process and therefore, you need to call up Amazon KYC for help.

Amazon also offers a free trial and it’s up to the consumer to use the free offer period and see whether the product is worth the subscription cost. If you use the free offer period, then the customer can evaluate the membership benefits offered by the Amazon KYC before joining. This is a very smart move, as it saves the customer from any kind of loss at the time of subscription. However, if the customer finds that the product doesn’t meet his requirements or the terms and conditions of Amazon etc are not met, then he can simply reject the membership offer. So, with such a smart move, you can get instant cash back on loading cash with Amazon.

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