what is juneteenth

The Juneteenth commemoration is an important one for many people across the nation. It commemorates the day in May when Martin Luther King, who was a historic leader in the fight for civil rights, died. He is widely regarded as the greatest leader of the civil rights movement in America. His nonviolent tactics and his nonviolent methods have been credited with helping to bring about major changes in race relations across the country. Throughout his lifetime, he became a beloved and respected man to many, and his legacy is still lived on today.

The Juneteenth celebrations are a celebration of the bondage and discrimination endured by Black Americans throughout the course of the civil war. The Juneteenth celebration is much different than any other observances, because they are focused on the past rather than predicting the future. The Juneteenth celebration symbolizes ultimate freedom and justice for African Americans and other Americans who were discriminated against during the course of the Civil War. The colors of the Juneteenth flag are remarkably similar to that of the United States flag..

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Every year, on the third Monday of June, people all over the country celebrate the climax of the Six Hours total Celebration, otherwise known as the Juneteenth Holiday. This holiday marks the first day after Thanksgiving when slaves who had escaped from bondage began to settle and create a new home for themselves in Mississippi. The holiday also commemorates the end of the Jim Crow Laws that made it illegal for black people to vote or hold office in the State of Mississippi. The first “Jim Crow” laws were enacted in 1895 and lasted until the thirteenth century. No one was allowed to talk or move around freely during the Jim Crow Era.

On the first Monday of each of the six hours, the Juneteenth Holiday is officially opened with a free parade down the street to the slavery monument at the Old Fort Masonic and state capitol building. At the opening, there will be presentations from local historical individuals and children on the subject of the six hours of liberation from slavery. A traditional Irish jigsaw puzzle piece that can be given to each participant to complete his or her gift. The Independence Day parade music is provided by the band’s Emiliers, Royal Daulton and Sligo Rough Riders.

As the celebrations continue through the evening, the Juneteenth Parade will pass through the streets of Galveston. Other events include a free speech fair where registered individuals can give a speech about the history of the American holiday, the reasons for celebrating Juneteenth, and the future goals of the celebrations. There will also be some beautiful fireworks in addition to live music.

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The celebration is designed to celebrate the end of an extremely long history of freedom. It is the celebration of a confederate’s liberation from slavery. For many years, the Juneteenth holiday has been a time of remembrance for northern and southern families who celebrate this day with a barbecue, a bonfire, readings of poems, stories, songs and a show. Throughout the year, visitors to Galveston can plan a visit to the Jim Lane House, a national historic landmark, a free concert featuring contemporary music or a family reunion at the county park.

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