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Coronavirus: Face mask painted on airplanes in Indonesia to spread awareness

In order to spread awareness about the novel coronavirus pandemic, national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia presented five of its aircrafts with face masks last week.

Why have face masks been painted on Garuda Indonesia airplanes?

Blue face masks were painted on the nose of five airplanes of Garuda Indonesia to support their government’s ‘Ayo pakai masker’ (let’s wear masks) campaign, The Jakarta Post reports. These airplanes serve domestic routes and international flights to Singapore and Japan.

“As a national flag carrier, Garuda Indonesia has always committed to the government’s efforts of curbing the spread of Covid-19. One way we do that is by encouraging people to wear masks,” Irfan Setiaputra , director, Garuda Indonesia, said in a statement.

How long did it take to paint the masks on the airplanes?

As per several reports, it took more than 120 hours to complete the project and 60 people worked on it.

Watch the video here:

What message does the campaign convey?

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the campaign encourages people to wear face masks. To control the spread of the deadly virus, you must wear a face mask if you step out of home. It prevents you from contracting coronavirus and protects others as well.

”Unlike the plane, it doesn’t require much effort for people to wear a mask,” the airline said.

Indonesia has recorded over three lakh coronavirus cases while the death toll crossed 11,000. In the South East Asia region, Indonesia has the second-highest cases of Covid-19 after the Philippines.

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