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Gujarat Police adopt child of mentally-ill rape victim

Recently a video of the rape of a mentally-ill woman went viral on social media after which the police sprung into action and arrested the rapist within 24 hours. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the rape victim has a 5-year-old son.

Though the woman could not reveal many details because of her condition, the police said that the woman lives with the kid on the roadside.

“Thinking about the future of the child, our police team has decided to adopt the boy. We have spoken to Rajkot IG Range and Gujarat DGP regarding the matter and have taken approval for the same as well,” said Morbi SP Subodh Odedra.

He further said that the rape victim and her son are currently kept in a private social institution. After the schools reopen, the police will get the child admitted to one. Moreover, the police have also created a bank account to deposit donations that will cover the cost of studying and living of the child.

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